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Nickel Cattle was started in 1985 when Jackie Haas asked Kevin Nickel to be her life partner. Both being raised in the cattle industry - Kevin Hereford, Jackie Angus - there was no doubt where this journey would go.

Kevin's Dad, Leo F. Nickel, was involved with some of the more prominent Hereford Ranches in the Mountain West, namely the Wyoming Hereford Ranch, Chamberlain Ranch, and the vonForell Ranch in Wyoming and Peterson Herefords and Sullivan Ranch in Montana. Jackie's family dates back to 1938 when her grandfather, George F. Haas, became one of the first Angus Cattle Breeders to bring Angus cattle to Wyoming. Angus genetics run deep both in the Haas Family and their cattle as they are still raising Angus cattle just a mile from the original homestead.

When we first started, Kevin was still clipping for bull sales and trimming feet. Our cow herd was very small and consisted of both breeds. Kevin put away his clippers, so today has more time to concentrate on the cows. Still small, we run 50-60 registered Angus cows that are A.I. bred to some of leading sires for carcass, growth and calving ease. The Hereford cows were sold to a nephew who has had great success with them.

We sell our bulls the second Tuesday of February in Torrington, WY under the name G Bar H Genetics. We partner with Bill Haas and Pat Herring to sell 75 registered Angus bulls. Our customer base has longevity as some date back to 1980 when we had our first angus bull sale.

We offer a few Registered Angus heifers & heifer calves thru the Wyoming Select Female sale in November. Those heifers have gone on to be class winners and champions at the Wyoming State Fair.

Please contact us or drop by . . . We would love to talk cows with you.

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